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My Thoughts On: What Is Sexy, Exactly? Absolutely Anything.

What is sexy? Similar to asking what a type is sexy is subjective. I happen to feel sexiest in my boots and a giant button down shirt, and find others sexy when they laugh at their own jokes. However, you may find that annoying – who laughs at their own jokes?

Jezebel writer Tracy Moore tackles that question in this article, arguing that anything is sexy. I agree! That’s not to say that anything is sexy to ME. In fact, there are many things that i have decided are not sexy, but to someone, those things are sexy. This article comes along just in time for Halloween when all of a sudden anything can be sexy but sexy means less clothes and cut outs. I don’t think that’s sexy. I think my costume made out of cardboard is funny-sexy. Things can be nerdy-sexy, smart IS sexy, etc. I’m not the only one who thinks that (because there’s that article above, so at least there are two of us) but what do you think? What’s sexy to you?


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